Ti Orkest celebrate their Five year Anniversary in December 2015 with (Wine & Wishes) 

Looking back on where we started five years ago and where we are today. Just remembering the special moments we all shared. The people we encountered, the stages we graced, the looks on our Audience faces when we performed, who we have become. It was worthwhile and we wouldn't have it any other way. For these experiences which were granted by the creator, we are so grateful and give thanks for life and so much more.

The Month of December is always a very special time for us in Ti Orkest. This is the time we celebrate our Anniversary and among other things. But in 2015 we wanted to do something more than just the usual hangout. Not only were we celebrating our five years of existence, but also it was a time to be thankful on all the band's major achievements. We decided to share this joyful moment with the public by hosting our very own event (Wine & Wishes). There were a few challenges along the way but in the end it was all worth the effort.

A few good folks who contributed in one way or another to making Wine & Wishes what is was on December 19th, we feel the need to mention their names which are Rent A Sound, Josephine Gabriel and Company ltd, Dominica Brewery and Beverages, Flow and last but not least Miss Narlie Bertrand at Bunnies.

We also wanted to take this opportunity in thanking everyone who supported Wine & Wishes by coming to the show and spreading the word out there.

We here at Ti Orkest strongly believe in existence for a purpose, and part of that is impacting lives in a positive way, emitting that feel good vibe is what we love the most and as long as we have breath we are going to keep doing that.


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